Also known as a gas stream chiller, is a closed loop refrigeration system that cools a non-recirculating gas stream using a refrigerant to gas shell & tube heat exchanger. The incoming gas/ vapor stream enters an interchanger, where the gas/ vapor stream is pre-cooled by the cold outlet gas. A chemical injection pump injects atomized methanol (if required) into the gas vapor stream to prevent the formation of ice. The gas/ vapor stream passes through the air chiller where the temperature of the gas/ vapor stream is lowered to that required to condense the designated vapors from the gas by indirect contact with a refrigerant. The gas and condensed vapors then flow from the gas stream chiller into a separator, where the condensed vapors are collected in the bottom. The gas, free of the vapors, flows from the separator, through the interchanger and exits the unit.

Options include

  • Semi-hermetic or open drive screw compressors
  • HFC or ammonia refrigerants
  • Water cooled, air cooled, or evaporative condensing
  • PLC control

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