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Tempest's Capabilities and Expertise

Custom engineered, low temperature industrial process chillers between 5 and 300-Tons on a single skid built frame. We design to our customer’s process specification requirements and component preferences. 

Custom engineered, ultra-low temperature industrial process chillers. Often designed as a cascade system with a high side and low side refrigerant circuits. Cryogenic conditions down to -105F evaporating temperature. Typical design tonnages between 10 to 25-tons.

With over 35 years of Ammonia Refrigeration experience we consider ourselves experts in the market. From servicing ammonia chiller to designing and engineering new systems, we do it all. Our in-house engineering team can work with you to answer any questions related to safety and coding requirements.

We design to Class 1 Division 2 electrical and area classification requirements. We have designed systems rated for Groups B, C , and D. Many of the upcoming green hydrogen technologies require Group B.

For processes requiring both cooling and heating. We have designed equipment for extreme process control temperature ranges (-40F to 350F). We can design a single chiller skid with a TCU circuit included or chiller skid and a TCU skid as two separate units.

Short on floor space or would rather have your chiller equipment located outdoors? Consider a containerized package. We fabricate 20FT, 30Ft, and 40FT shipping containers into portable mechanical rooms with the chilling equipment designed within. The container is fully fabricated, designed to code, and temperature controlled. We can even customize the paint color of the container upon request.

We are most competitive on specialty TCM applications requiring extreme temperature requirements, multi-zones, are classifications, and/or space constraints. A growing majority of our TCM projects coincide with a low temperature chiller.

Chosen by Pfizer During Operation Warp Speed

During the summer of 2020 Tempest was selected by Pfizer to develop several custom engineered chillers systems to support it’s COVID Vaccine production.

Tempest worked directly with Pfizer’s engineering team to design and engineering the low temperature chiller within budget and on schedule.

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Projects and Case Studies

Tempest Low Temperature Pharmaceutical Chiller

125-Ton Water Cooled Chiller

Application: Cell Biology and Bioscience

Condensing Type: Water-Cooled
Tonnage: 125-Tons
Refrigerant: R-507
Chilling Temperature: -50°F Saturated Suction
Design Fluid: Syltherm XLT
Compressor: Three (3) Economized Two Stage Screw (50% Turndown per compressor)
Skid Size: 18’L x 9’W x 8’H
Tank: 800-Gallon Cold Syltherm XLT Skid

Scope of Supply: Two (2) 125-Ton Low Temperature Chillers, Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) Tank Skid, HTF Pump Skid, Process Tank & Pump Skid

Tempest Pharmaceutical Low Temp Chiller

100-Ton Water Cooled Chiller

Application: Cold Storage Biosciences

Condensing Type: Water-Cooled
Tonnage: 100-Tons
Refrigerant: Ammonia (R-717)
Chilling Temperature: 34°F Saturated Suction
Design Fluid: Water
Compressor: One (1) Open Drive Screw (30% Turndown per compressor)
Container Size: 20FT Fully Fabricated Steel Design
Hydraulics Container System: 1,500-Gallon Reservoir with Process & Water Pumps

Scope of Supply: Two (2) 100-Ton Containerized Ammonia Chiller Modules, Hydronic System Module

Low Temp Pharmaceutical Chiller - Tempest

70-Ton Water Cooled Dual Circuit Chiller

Application: Vaccine Production

Condensing Type: Water-Cooled
Tonnage: 70-Tons (per circuit)
Refrigerant: R-507
Chilling Temperature: 10°F Saturated Suction
Design Fluid: 25% Propylene Glycol
Compressor: Two (2) Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating (per circuit)
Tank: 600-Gallon Stainless Steel
Controls: Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC

Scope of Supply: Two (2) 70-Ton Low Temperature Chillers with HTF Pump and Tank

(4)15-Ton Water Cooled Chillers

Application: Vaccine Production

Condensing Type: Water-Cooled
Tonnage: 15-Tons (per circuit)
Refrigerant: R-507
Chilling Temperature: -5°F Saturated Suction
Design Fluid: 50% Propylene Glycol
Compressor: One (1) Semi-Hermetic Screw (per chiller skid)
Evaporator: Brazed Plate; Direct Expansion
HTF Delivery System: 800-Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Controls: Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC

Scope of Supply: Four (4) 15-Ton Low Temperature Chillers, HTF Pump & Tank Delivery Skid Designed System