Oil and Gas Processing - Tempest



  • Refrigeration solutions for Onshore/Offshore production
  • Gas Dew Point control by refrigeration
  • Hydrocarbons recovery


  • Refrigeration in Natural gas processing
  • Gas to Liquid applications
  • Vapor recovery units (VRU)
  • Boil Off Gas recovery
  • Loading/Unloading Refrigeration
  • Small scale LNG liquefaction


  • Process cooling
  • Hydrocarbons cooling
  • Mixed hydrocarbon, compression & liquefaction
  • CO2 processing
  • Gas liquefaction
  • Light ends separation
  • LPG and condensate recovery by turboexpander
  • De-ethanizer condenser refrigeration
  • Flare gas/vent/vapor recovery
  • Chemical reaction temperature control
  • Nitrogen chilling Gasoline fractionation
  • Utility cooling (chilled water, chilled glycol)
  • Fertilizers plant, Ammonia BOG & Ammonia
    refrigeration system

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