TEMPEST hot oil units are available for industrial processes requiring fluid temperatures up to 650 deg. F. These units feature low watt density electric heaters, all welded construction to reduce leak points. Systems are available in single and multiple zone configurations, with pumping capabilities up to 120 GPM and come completely pre-wired. Every design starts with the proper fluid selection, and we have provided packages with fluids from all of the major engineered fluid manufacturers. Fluids must meet film temperature requirements for hot applications to prevent coking and carbonizing the fluid or freeze protection for cold applications to maintain turbulent flow for the optimum heat transfer coefficient.

Options include

  • Magnetic drive or seal-less pumps
  • Explosion proof systems
  • PLC control
  • Chiller options for temperatures down to –40 deg. F

TEMPEST oil weigh units provide automatic oil weigh with reliable, low maintenance operation. Units are designed for staining and non-staining process oils.

Features include

  • Industrial duty enclosures for oil containment and safety
  • Heatable enclosures to provide proper oil viscosity
  • Pneumatic feed valves
  • Stand alone controls or integrated with plant

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