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Tempest's Capabilities and Expertise

A supermajority of Tempest projects fall within the 20F to -60F temperature range. Low temperature chillers are custom engineered and skid-designed. Tonnages range from 5-to-300 Tons on a single skid

Chillers below -60F are classified as Ultra-Low Temperature Chillers.  These systems are cascade designed with high side and low side refrigerant circuits. Typical tonnages for ultra-low temperature chillers ranges between 10 to 25-tons.

Ammonia is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerants on the market. Tempest has over 35 years of Ammonia Refrigeration experience, we consider ourselves ammonia experts. From servicing ammonia chillers to designing and engineering new systems, we do it all. Our in-house engineering team can work with you to answer any questions related to safety and coding requirements.

We design to Class 1 Division 2 electrical and area classification requirements. We have designed systems rated for Groups B, C , and D. Many of the upcoming green hydrogen technologies require Group B.

For processes requiring both cooling and heating. We design equipment for extreme process control temperature ranges (-40F to 350F). We can design a single chiller skid with a TCU circuit included or chiller skid and a TCU skid as two separate units.

Short on floor space or would rather have your chiller equipment located outdoors? Consider a containerized package. We fabricate 20FT, 30Ft, and 40FT shipping containers into portable mechanical rooms with the chilling equipment designed within. The container is fully fabricated, designed to code, and temperature controlled. We can even customize the paint color of the container upon request.

We are most competitive on specialty TCM applications requiring extreme temperature requirements, multi-zones, are classifications, and/or space constraints. A growing majority of our TCM projects coincide with a low temperature chiller.

Tempest Equipment Designed for Chemical Applications

Tempest Low Temperature Ammonia Chiller

250-Ton Ammonia Chiller @ -32F Evaporating

250-Ton Water-Cooled Ammonia Chiller for Petrochemical Cooling

250-Ton Ammonia Chiller @ 22F Evaporating

75-Ton Dual-Circuit Chiller @ -18F Evaporating

90-Ton Dual Circuit Chiller @-23F

90-Ton Dual-Circuit Chiller @ -23F Evaporating

21-Ton Ultra-Low Temp Chiller @-105F

21-Ton Ultra-Low Temp Chiller @ -105F Evaporating

10-Ton Dual Circuit Chiller @ -10F

10-Ton Dual-Circuit Chiller @ -10F Evaporating

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Low Temperature Chillers for Chemical Processing - Tempest
Low Temperature Chillers for Specialty Chemical Applications - Tempest
Low Temperature Chillers for Specialty Chemical Applications - Tempest
Low Temperature Chillers for Specialty Chemical Applications - Tempest
Low Temperature Chillers for Specialty Chemical Applications - Tempest